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[sticky post] new to do list

Saad work
• finish Goldberg work
• Write up articles for Audrey

• finish Susan work
• library
• 50 MBEs (17, 17,16)
• Work out
Cash check

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Welcome to new friends

So, basically here is me in a nutshell.

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Perhaps there are no Gods above
No final judgment for me awaits
Without eternal reward after death
The skies emptiness is all that waits
In spite of this, I still believe
That a good deed is its own reward
For those who life by revenge's blade
Will surely die upon the sword
But those who strive for good
And plant kindness in the blight
Shall be rewarded by the fact
That they walk in paths of right

I had a chance at revenge against someone who bullied me, and I spared them. Very proud.

Happy Birthday Israel

trigger for grief on Memorial day

I love Israelis (humor)

So, some army officers and government workers are having a shouting match of a meeting at my office. Banging on tables, yelling insults.

I bring in coffee for everyone (I'm not the coffee girl, but I did a coffee run)Everyone smiles gratefully, takes one, sniffs it approvingly, takes a happy sip and then without missing a beat, starts yelling. Without missing a beat.

And in honor of that:

The Facebook's feed filled with venomous screen

Not a wise thought to be seen

A kingdom of ignoramus and it's really quite obscene

The bigots howling and all hope in me has died

Couldn't keep my peace, Heaven knows I tried

Don't feed the trolls, or take them over coals

Just remember, pity on their poor souls

Ignore the bore, don't let them win

But I can't give in!

Let it go...let it go

Don't follow them anymore

Let it go, let it go

Block them all, and just ignore

I don't care for the cruel things they say

Let their rants go on

A quiet feed never bothered me anyway

song meme

  Song Challenge
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A hat tip to the Irish whose songs rule

I reworded "The Orange and the Green" in honor of my meeting with some amazing people today.

Song: The Orange and the Green
Author: Anthony Murphy

Reworked: Me with footnotes

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Answer for question 4312.

If there were only two choices, would you rather live in a really cold environment or a really hot one? Why? What are your tips for making either of these more comfortable to exist in?
I'm a cold weather dweller, I swear I'm part arctic seal. I love cold weather, warm quilts, hot tea and hot showers, and snow.

Hot weather actually makes me miserable and irritable.

discussion on faith

So I am trying to find books (not missionizing but just books) on different faiths for the assistants at my office. They need to learn more about the world.

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So now I have to open up their minds, but I don't know how. What resources would you suggest to show the common bonds of Abrahamic faiths?

Clark is engaged

My beloved cousin Clark is engaged to his lady fair, Lois.

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Wow, life is bad

If you don't mind...I'm just sobbing in a corner, listening to Heather Dale's "Mordred's Lullaby" and "War Between Brothers" and wishing I drank something strong, thank you very much.

Yes, elections. No more commentary from me here, I work for the government.

This says enough.

Where is home?

Heaven help me...I'm thinking about moving to Israel permanently. I am in love with this country and I’m so much happier here.

But that means saying goodbye to my friends, to the New York Public Library, to long baths and my niece. It means living in a war zone. It means higher prices. It means less time with those I love.

But it also means closeness to Europe, amazing weather, beautiful culture, wonderful family, and lots of eligible bachelors.


Answer for question 4268.

Do you connect or identify with any particular fictional character? If so, which one and why? If you could be that character in their world for one day, what would you do?
I always identified with Meg Murray, the odd girl with frizzy hair and a weird family who saved the world. I wouldn't want to be her, (even if Calvin O'Keefe is dreamy) I want a more magic filled world to enter.

Answer for question 4252.

Do you live by any motto or philosophy? If so, what is it? Why does this resonate with you?
"Initiate, Lead, Make an Example and Win"

Any guesses why?

Clark is home

To top off a lovely day of sleeping in late, reading a trashy romance novel, oiling my hair and taking a long soak in the shower, I just got news on Facebook that my sweet cousin Clark is home safely.

I don't have to repeat how much my Clark means to me. He's my hero. And having him back home feels amazing.

Last week, he got 48 hours leave and he went straight to my aunt and uncle's home to do their laundry.  Yes, theirs. Unfortunately, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep in the shared backyard while hanging laundry. A neighbor gently moved the umbrella to cover him and put a blanket on him.

My real life hero. My real life Captain Israel. My big brother and dear friend, who makes me believe in myself. I know, in true Israeli fashion, you get embaressed and tongue tied by emotions.

But you know without words how much I adore you, and how much it lightens me that you adore me. You make me a better person.

I plan to hug you so hard next week.

In honor of his side of the family, (which is Sephardic), my celebration song.

Answer for question 4248.

What are your thoughts on vaccinations? Do you personally believe they play any role in the development of autism or other chronic diseases? What diseases would you like to see a vaccine manufactured against over your lifetime?
Hugely pro-vaccine, as much as I'm a needle-phobe.

I want to see vaccines for everything. I want one for every form of cancer, for ALS, for Alzheimer's, for Multiple sclerosis, for autism, for AIDs, for malaria, for influenza. You name the illness, I want it ended.